About Us

The Tanuki Society is an brand-new, member-driven, inclusive nonprofit social club focusing on nerd-culture of all sorts. Our primary goal is to connect geeks of all types by fostering a safe, friendly, and welcoming community of like-minded folk. With help from our members, sponsors, and nerd-friendly partners, we create innovative social events often centered around gaming, comic books, and other related “nerd” genres. Our ultimate goal is to establish a physical clubhouse similar to an Elks Lodge or VFW.

The Tanuki Society is currently based in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. We are in our initial launch phase: “The Founding” and are looking for members and partners. Check us out in various social media (see below). If you are an individual, organization, or company who is interested in supporting our cause, then we look forward to hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us using the link above.

You belong here.